Yes, you can shape Europe!

How to share your views

Communicating with the European Commission has never been easier. Tell us what you think of our initiatives by visiting the ‘Have Your Say’ portal — answer a questionnaire, leave a comment or share your views in any of the 24 EU languages. You can easily find opportunities to make your voice heard on the website.

What happens once we receive your feedback?

The New Rules on Plastics

Common Agricultural Policy

Why is your opinion needed?

The answer is simple: EU policies, initiatives and laws have an impact on the lives of millions of people and businesses across Europe and beyond. We need and want to consult and gather the views of the citizens and experts to design initiatives and solutions to issues that you face so as to further improve your everyday life. By involving you, our ultimate goal is to develop EU laws that correspond to your needs and create a strong sense of ownership of the European project.

What are you waiting for?

Visit the ‘Have Your Say’ portal and shape the EU as you want.

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