You can make the EU work better for you and all Europeans with your feedback. Share your ideas with us through our consultations and also help us improve existing laws that impact your life.

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Whether you are an activist, a legal expert, or simply passionate about a certain cause, you are welcome to be part of the law-making process and ensure that the EU works better for you and all Europeans.

You can give your input on EU laws, from the preparation phase to their implementation, and even after they are in force. Share your ideas, opinions and expertise with us — you can make a difference in environment, climate, consumer rights, customs, research, food safety and much more.

How to send your ideas

Communicating with the European Commission has never been easier! We always want to hear your opinion. There are two ways to go about it:

Upcoming initiatives: Through the ‘Have Your Say’ webpage you can view all the initiatives open for feedback at any given time. If you are interested in a particular topic, use the interactive search tool and select the area most relevant to you. You can either fill in an online questionnaire or leave a comment in any of the EU official languages, depending on the type of initiative.

Existing laws: if you think there’s a way to improve rules, you can send in your thoughts via ‘Lighten the Load’ to share your experiences on how laws affect your daily life.

What happens once we receive your feedback?

We analyse all submissions and use them as guidance in the next steps of the policy-making cycle.

Just to give you a few examples: your contributions supported our work on: reducing single-use plastics, the European Solidarity Corps and our proposal on agricultural policy. Check out more stories here.

Why do we consult?

The answer is simple: EU laws affect the lives of millions of citizens and businesses in Europe. While we use our own expertise on issues that fall under EU competence, we need to consult both citizens and experts to gather views and come up with solutions that are in line with your expectations.

To do our job responsibly, we want — and need — to listen to Europeans before we even pick up the pen to write a proposal. Our decisions are based on good evidence, rooted in facts and, above all, the process must be inclusive.

In 2018 the OECD recognised our work and listed us among the global frontrunners for transparency, inclusiveness and evidence-based policy-making. This makes us proud, because it means that we serve EU citizens in the most responsive way possible.

So what are you waiting for?

Visit the ‘Have Your Say’ portal and help us shape the EU you want.
The future of Europe is in your hands!

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