When it’s time to tune in — 10 podcasts with the latest in EU policies!

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Interested in EU policies? Pick from one of our 10 podcasts — on topics from clean energy to agriculture to trade — and learn more about what’s happening across Europe and what to expect.

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1. Europe Calling

From the Recovery Plan for Europe to the response to the war in Ukraine, we are the driving force behind the most ambitious policies. How are they affecting the lives of Europeans? The “Europe Calling” podcast features interviews with key EU decision-makers and experts.

2. Trade Off

A podcast series on EU trade policy — and why it matters. Welcome to ‘Trade-Off’ — the podcast about the people, politics, and power inside Europe’s trade policy. Tom Moylan, together with his guests, are exploring the stories of the people who shape and steer trade every day.

3. Food for Europe

The “Food for Europe” podcast is a European podcast series about the food we eat and the farmers who produce it. Each episode focuses on the developments transforming EU agriculture and brings stories from all over the European territory.

4. Clean energy for EU islands

These podcasts tell the story of local communities living on islands and their engagement in the clean energy transition.
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5. EU Smart Tourism

In this podcast series we explore the world of smart tourism and the future of the tourism industry in Europe. Join us to learn more about what it means to be a smart tourism leader, and discover the European Capital of Smart Tourism competition that is driving the smart tourism innovation in Europe.

6. Stats in a Wrap

The Eurostat podcast series “Stats in a Wrap” looks at the world through the lens of statistics. Its aim is to pick the most delicious morsels and striking flavours to provide insights into the unexpected, the quirky and downright peculiar perspectives that only the numbers can reveal.

7. Let’s talk EU Space

Discover the various applications and benefits of the EU Space Programme. The first season introduces you to Copernicus, Europe’s flagship Earth Observation programme, and the many ways in which its data is used to improve our daily lives.

8. EU Finance — The Future of Finance

Everything related to the Banking Union, capital markets, insurance, digital or sustainable finance, anti-money laundering, etc — you can find it all here.

9. Ocean Calls

Do we still have time to save the ocean? What happens if we mine the deep seafloor? What can be done about plastic pollution? These are some of the important topics we are plunging into in our podcast series, Ocean Calls.

10. Regio Waves

Regio Waves investigates the policies that provide local solutions to European and global issues. It explores the many sides of the EU Cohesion Policy and sheds light on the EU’s big challenges, from economic disparity, through green and digital transition, refugee and energy crises.



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