Making the Digital Single Market work for you!

We like to make things simpler and more convenient for you! No roaming charges and access to your online subscriptions while traveling in the EU, and now more options and better prices while shopping online.

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More connected than ever before

With the world going digital, we need to work towards removing barriers and creating a truly Digital Single Market in the EU with free movement of goods, persons, services, capital and of course data is guaranteed. This has been one of the Commission’s top 10 political priorities and we have progressed immensely in this regard, especially to the benefit of all Europeans.

Bye, bye roaming! Hello portability!

Last year, we said goodbye to roaming fees when travelling in the EU. You could finally use your mobile phone for calls, texts and data without worrying about extra charges. And from this year you have access to online content services that you are subscribed to when you travel. Whether it is Netflix, Amazon prime or another service, your digital subscriptions follow you wherever you go!

No more geo-blocking, wait, what’s that?

There’s more!

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