It is all about protecting YouTube creators!

Dear YouTubers,

Misinformation online states that the reform of European copyright legislation would put an end to the way YouTube is right now. This is not true, YouTubers and users of online platforms will continue to do what they do today, and be the same hub for creative content, but the creators and authors will enjoy a far bigger protection from copyright violations.

Where would online platforms like YouTube be, if it were not for creators?

Today, the four biggest platforms, including YouTube, have altogether 2 billion users accessing hundreds of hours of video and music uploaded every minute. The European Commission fosters and protects creativity and ingenuity of the people who create videos, publish their music online, write blogs, and create other forms of content. But we also need to work harder to protect their rights and ensure that they are paid what they are due.

At present, most of the added value remains with the platforms. We need to close this value gap and ensure better remuneration for the creators.

We want to strengthen the influence and position of authors and artists, including YouTubers, and give them a stronger voice. We believe that the artists, performers and creators should get a fair remuneration for their creativity and hard work they are sharing online. We also believe that the contracts between the online platforms and creators should be transparent. In many cases, performers and creators also transfer their rights and licenses to online platforms.

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Did you know that YouTube is the world’s largest online video platform with 400 hours of video content uploaded every minute? YouTube has claimed they increased revenues payments to the music industry in the last year, however, in 2017 content creators and artists received only $65 cents per user annually in royalties (source ).

We need to be sure that the value gap between content creators, authors and publishers, and online platforms, is filled. The new rules we proposed make sure the creators are informed about the use of their works and performances. This also includes a mechanism under which creators can request and obtain a fair share when the remuneration originally agreed becomes disproportionately low compared to the revenues generated by the use of their works.

Parodies and satire will not be affected by the reform. Freedoms of expression and information are at the cornerstone of EU values and we are working each day to ensure that these fundamental values are protected for all.

So do not worry about YouTube videos and memes, we enjoy them as much as you do!

Last updated: November 2018

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Please note that these blog posts relate to the European Commission proposal on Copyright Reform. The Commission proposal is under discussion between the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. The new rules will enter into force after the agreement is found and the Directive is officially adopted. The European Commission acts as an honest broker to help find a solution that is acceptable for all of us and which ensures a balanced outcome for all stakeholders, while maintaining the objective of the Commission’s proposal.

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