EU GIFstory — GIF Competition

Highlighting History — Looking Forward to the Future

As the European Union turns 60 years old, we are running a GIF competition to highlight the EU’s history before looking forward to its future…

EU GIFstory

EU GIFstory is a competition to create GIFs — using our archive footage — that help to tell the story of Europe. What does the EU mean to you?

Highlighting our history so we can look forward to our future.

How does it work?

  1. Find videos and/or photos in our Audiovisual Archives. Simply login or create a free account to begin downloading our content free to use.
  2. Create a GIF using this material. You are free to combine this with your own video and/or photo, provided you have the rights to do so.
  3. Send us your GIF by 21 April 2017 at 12:00 [CET]. Email your GIF as an attachment (or include a link to Giphy where we can download it) to using the subject line: EU GIFstory 2017. Please also include your full name and where you’re from.

Attribution option
Do you want us to credit your work? If you would like us to link your GIF to your personal/professional blog, website, online portfolio/CV etc. send us a link that we can include as your GIF’s ‘Source URL’ — but nothing rude please!

Rules & Regulations

  • We are accepting submissions from Friday 3 March until Friday 21 April 2017.
  • You can submit a maximum of 3 GIFs to the EU GIFstory competition.
  • NOTE: by entering the competition you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


  • AV Focus Page: a collection of old videos and archive images for you to find some inspiration! Your GIF should use material from this page. Thank you!

If you experience any difficulties accessing our archives, please post a comment below.

Searching the EU Archives like…

What happens next?

All GIFs which meet the criteria will be uploaded onto the European Commission Giphy page, in the order they are received, for the whole internet to enjoy!


3 GIFs will be crowned WINNERS on Tuesday 25 April 2017!

The winners will be selected by a jury made up of a team of GIF-loving Social Media Community Managers working across the EU Institutions, including local offices.

The three winning GIFs will be promoted across the European Commission’s social media profiles, as well as by other EU Institutions — and probably by GIF-lovers worldwide!

Have your say!
We will offer the creators of the 3 winning GIFs an opportunity to share their view of Europe in a blog post which we will share on our Medium account. What does the EU mean to you?

How will the EU evolve?


This year the EU turns 60. Looking back over the 60 years since the signing of the Treaties of Rome (25 March 1957) we are presented with a story which is rich in historic achievement — landmark moments that have given this continent a direction and a drive to uphold the uphold the EU values of:

  • human dignity
  • freedom
  • democracy
  • equality
  • the rule of law and
  • respect for human rights.

EU GIFstory is a way for us to highlight our history before looking forward to our future…

Learn more about 60 year anniversary of the Treaties of Rome: EU60 webpage.

Find audio-visual material to use for your GIF on the AV Focus Page.

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EU GIFstory: EU History in a GIF

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