Dear ReindeR Rustema, thank you for your comment. You bring up some of the key points on which we are looking for feedback through our public consultation on the European Citizens’ Initiative. The ECI has great potential but we also know it is a complex process, and data requirements for signatories can be burdensome. As you know, the ECI Regulation is under review because we want to simplify this tool and make it more user-friendly, so give us your feedback to the questionnaire by 16 August:

Go to the website:!Ju36Rp

If you don’t want to reply to all questions, you can simply fill out the first 2 introductory sections and select ‘Collection phase’ for these questions on personal data (you need to fill out only what’s relevant to you here).

We are working on improving the ECI, which is only possible with feedback like yours!

Thanks and all the best,

The Social Media Team

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