7 ways the EU keeps you safe online

1. Think before you click

2. Protecting the little ones

3. With strong EU rules, your privacy matters

When you access the web, you often entrust personal information, such as your name, address, and credit card number, to your Internet Service Provider or to the website you are using. Most commonly, you give your personal data in exchange for a service or information.

4. Digital skills make the world go round

The EU has taken the lead on cryptography know-how and cybersecurity. However, as in any fast-paced field, keeping pace with the needs of the cybersecurity industry and investing in new digital skills is crucial.

5. Working together to fight cybercrime and prevent attacks

Increased cyber attacks during the coronavirus crisis have shown how important it is to protect our hospitals, research centres and other infrastructure. Cybersecurity is one of the Commission’s priorities and the Recovery Plan for Europe includes additional investments in cybersecurity. We are also taking strong action to strengthen cybersecurity capacities: we will soon update legislation in the area of cybersecurity, with a new Cybersecurity Strategy coming up by the end of 2020, and will invest in cybersecurity research and capacity building.

6. Thinking ahead on 5G networks — extra speed with extra protection

A revolution in how we stay connected is just around the corner. 5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks designed to meet society’s increased data and connectivity demands at greater speeds.

7. Tackling disinformation online

Nope, the Earth is not flat and no, 5G does not cause COVID-19. Seems straightforward, and yet we find disinformation everywhere online, also amplified by social media.

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