6 reasons why you should apply for a traineeship at the European Commission now!

Do not miss out on this opportunity! Hear from our former trainees who are sharing their experiences and giving some good reasons for you to apply.

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3 min readAug 24, 2021
Chara, trainee during the October 2016 session (left). One of our trainees meeting the Commission president Ursula von der Leyen. (right)

The European Commission offers 5-month paid traineeships twice a year in its Directorates-General, agencies, and bodies.

Here are just six reasons why you should send us your digital application form.

1. It’s tried and tested

The Blue Book traineeship has been around since 1960. That’s 60 years of happy trainees!

But there’s no need to take it from us — ask Karen and Jurgen instead.

2. A traineeship with an impact

As a trainee at the European Commission, you can expect to make a real contribution. Trainees enjoy full trust within the Commission, but also freedom in the way they can contribute and propose new ideas. One important tip: be proactive during your traineeship!

You may be given important responsibilities, especially when it comes to new projects and new political priorities. An example among many: many trainees from different Commissioners’ cabinets, Directorates-General and agencies were actively involved in the launch of the European Solidarity Corps, dealing with the communication, financial and juridical aspects of the Commission’s new proposal.

3. There’s something for everyone!

The Commission is active in 44 work areas. Are you a junior expert in agriculture, finance, media or chemistry? Or maybe in the environment, health, digitalisation, or sport? Then this traineeship is for you.

4. It is the best place to start an international career…

Whether you dream of a career in international organisations, business or government, there is no better way to kick off a career than a traineeship at the European Commission.

Your newly learned skills and a large network of contacts will help you reach your professional goals. Hear it from one of our recent trainees who worked on #DiscoverEU.

5. …but it is not all about work!

You will get an insight into the functioning of EU institutions and of the Commission itself, and you will do much more than staring at your computer during the traineeship.

There are many opportunities for learning and having fun. Trainees can participate in sub-committees focused on all kinds of topics: languages, leadership, sports, diversity and inclusion, LGBT rights, cinema and so on.

Depending on your place of assignment, you might also experience a new city! Not convinced yet? Visit the Trainees Committee website to find out more.

6. Long-lasting friendships

Each session of the Blue Book traineeship programme brings together hundreds of passionate and talented young people from the 27 EU countries and beyond. Think of it as a professional Erasmus term. These friendships are for life.

Read some of our trainees’ testimonials here.

Have we convinced you? Click here to apply!

The deadlines for the two 5-month traineeship sessions at the European Commission are at the end of January and August.



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