5 Reasons to check out your closest EUROPE DIRECT!

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3 min readJan 10, 2022

Did you know that in almost all regions of the EU there is a EUROPE DIRECT centre, happy to welcome you for a one-to-one chat or invite you to take part in a public debate? You can call, chat and write to them.

There are 424 EUROPE DIRECT centres that are ready to answer all your questions about the EU. They make Europe accessible to people on the ground and get them engaged in debates on the future of the EU.

They also go to schools, where they make presentations and train teachers, with the provision of official EU publications. The services are offered free of charge. Here are 5 reasons to look for the one closest to you:

1. Get the best of what the EU can offer

Whether you are interested in studying abroad, getting funding for your start-up, having a professional exchange in another country, or want to learn more about how EU democracy works, the EUROPE DIRECT centres are staffed with professionals who can help you. They can answer your questions or will know where to direct you to find the right answer.

2. Have your say on the Future of Europe

EUROPE DIRECT centres are key actors in the Conference on the Future of Europe. They organise local events, both offline and online, to discuss issues related to the future we want to live in. How can we move towards a more inclusive economy? How can we improve public services in the health sector? You can join one of their events in your region, and shape the future of the EU, together.

3. Share your opinion on EU initiatives

EUROPE DIRECT centres have a direct line to report back to EU institutions. By sharing your concerns, opinions and needs with your centre, you can contribute to shaping better policies for yourself and the rest of the EU.

4. Meet an EU expert who speaks your language and knows your local challenges

EUROPE DIRECT centres can help you get the information that matters to you, in your native language. They can inform you on what impact EU policies and initiatives have in your region, and which opportunities may be open for you, your business or your career.

5. A EUROPE DIRECT centre may be closer than you think

EUROPE DIRECT centre in Hässleholm, Sweden.

Once you have identified the EUROPE DIRECT centre closest to you on the interactive map, you can visit, write, call or email them — or find them on social media.

For any information or help that you need, you can always reach out to them however convenient for you.

Did you know?

EUROPE DIRECT centres have a long history of where the people are, in the regions of the EU.

These centres were launched in 1992 as “Carrefours de l’Europe” in France and Belgium, to ensure information would flow unhindered all the way to rural areas. The Carrefours were supplemented by “Info-Relays Europe” in 1996. The two networks were merged in 2005 as EUROPE DIRECT– which is also the name of the single EU phone number. As of 2005, the EUROPE DIRECT centres have ensured the presence of a uniform network in all EU countries.



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