12 people, 12 life-changing Erasmus stories

Everyone’s Erasmus looks different: each of these images has a story behind them. © European Commission

1. One of the first batches of students

Personal archive of Michelle Romero, 1988 © European Commission

2. New experiences, new people

Personal archive of Sabine Ward, 1990 © European Commission

3. From experiencing Erasmus to promoting it

Personal archive of Antonella Pasqualone, 1992 © European Commission

3. Europe is music

Personal archive of Silvana Muratori, 1994 © European Commission

4. Paella: From Spain to Belgium

Personal archive of Amparo Navarrete Ferrer, 1996 © European Commission

5. Peace and Europe

Personal archive of Davide Livraghi, 1998 © European Commission

6. Erasmus is finding a new home

Personal archive of Enrico Dal monte, 2001 © European Commission

7. Back when Erasmus had a different name

Personal archive of Sintija B, 2005 © European Commission

8. Erasmus can change your life

Personal archive of Stefano Scagliarini, 2015 © European Commission

9. Gaining new perspectives

Personal archive of Boba M. Baluchova, 2009 © European Commission

10. No war

Personal archive of Rosa Reboreda, 2003 © European Commission

11. Erasmus is learning to ride a bike

Personal archive of Claudia Fontana, 2008 © European Commission

12. Once an Erasmus, always Erasmus

Personal archive of Rebeca Giaietto, 2010 © European Commission



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