2021 is the European Year of Rail and what better way to mark the occasion than sending a unique special train across the continent — right? We thought so, too!

The Connecting Europe Express making a stop in Linz, Austria (left), where a citizen joined us for the journey until St. Pölten in an EU-themed dress and also got local pastries to share with others on board. 📸 Photographers: Marek Knopp © European Commission

Meet the Connecting Europe Express and find out how it connected Europe during its epic five-week journey from Lisbon to…

The EU’s European Research Council (ERC) supports scientists globally to push the boundaries of frontier research in different fields and help advance scientific knowledge. Here’s a small glimpse of the work the ERC has been supporting over the years.

Blackhole images generated in 2019 (left) and 2021 (right). EU-supported science has helped break barriers over the years. © Event Horizon Telescope

There are things we know that we do not know and…

Not everything the EU does can be quantified. But where possible, we will break down the EU policy and its impact, into byte-size pieces for you. Here’s some EU policy data, crunched for you.

Whether it's vaccination, pollinators, space, or even the Erasmus programme, the EU Data crunch helps you get a brief overview of EU policies and their impact.

European Green Deal

🎯 Our ambition: a climate-neutral EU by 2050.
To make this happen, we need to reduce net…

We want 2022 to be the European Year of Youth a year dedicated to empowering those who have dedicated so much to others.

Some glimpses from the European Youth Event. 📸 © European Parliament, 2021

You probably know about Erasmus+. But there are a lot of other opportunities that the EU provides for young people. Here’s a complete list:

1. Erasmus+


In Afghanistan, the Taliban are now in control, nearly two decades after being ousted by a US-led military coalition. Despite the security and logistical challenges due to recent developments, the EU continues to provide life-saving assistance in the country.

A boy and his mother travel through the desert to their village near Herat in western Afghanistan. Photo: © Peter Biro.

Prior to the current crisis, Afghanistan suffered 40 years of war, chronic poverty and climate change-driven natural hazards, causing large scale suffering and displacement of people in Afghanistan and the region. …

Do not miss out on this opportunity! Hear from our former trainees who are sharing their experiences and giving some good reasons for you to apply.

Chara, trainee during the October 2016 session (left). One of our trainees meeting the Commission president Ursula von der Leyen. (right)

The European Commission offers 5-month paid traineeships twice a year in its Directorates-General, agencies, and bodies.

Here are just six reasons why you should send us your digital application form.

1. It’s tried and tested

The Blue Book traineeship has been around since 1960. That’s 60 years of happy trainees!

But there’s no need…

EU humanitarian aid experts visited Wukro, a town 50 km away from Mekelle, Ethiopia’s capital city. During the fighting in November 2020, the hospital in Wukro was damaged by shelling. It normally serves a population of 1.2 million people. © European Union, 2021

Since the start of the conflict in Tigray 9 months ago, thousands of civilians have been killed or fled their homes, and most basic infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. There have been countless reports on serious human rights violations and systemic violence against civilians.

The EU’s team of humanitarian…

Our planet is facing serious environmental challenges. That is why we have the European Green Deal.

Would you like to join the fight against the climate emergency, for example by contributing to nature conservation or helping reduce pollution? …

Whether cut into cubes or melted over meals, many of our favourite varieties of cheese are protected by EU quality labels.

Neufchâtel PDO from Normandy, France, one of the more than 200 varieties of cheese protected by the EU.

More than 200 varieties of cheese are protected in the EU. These cheeses and other unique foods and flavours from across Europe are protected through quality labels. …

What do EU consumer rights and Digital Single Market have in common? They both make shopping in the EU so much better & simpler.

The Single Market offers you a huge choice online and protects your rights as a consumer. 📸 © European Union, 2020 & 2021 / Source: EC — Audiovisual Service / Photographer: Claudio Centonze

Covid-19 happened. Our social lives and our habits changed, including shopping. We are shopping online more than ever before.

But did you know your consumer rights…

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